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The Sac Daddy Reviewed by The Sacdaddy

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

I never expected to find a bag called the Sac Daddy, and when I was told it was a real thing, I never expected it to be so great. I was informed about the Sac Daddy not long ago by a friend who had heard of NutSac back when they were doing their kickstarter in 2015. Back then they didn’t quite have the name Sac Daddy planned out yet, or rather it wasn’t on the page.

My friend informed me that he checked back on their site as he was considering buying a bag from them because their product photos looked really promising. Lo and behold, I’ve got a bag named after me. I’d like to think they saw me online and thought, “that’s an amazing name, we should name one of our satchels that.” But chances are they probably just thought of the name the same as I did, only for another purpose.

After being informed about this bag, I reached out to NutSac. After a bit of correspondence with one of their founders, Matt David, a Sac Daddy was on its way to me. Since receiving it I’ve been using this bag as an everyday carry. It’s been about a week using this satchel for all my carrying needs and I have to say, so far I’m exceptionally impressed. It’s crafted mostly from a tough canvas and leather. The bag holds up with heavy weights to a degree I wasn’t sure it would.

For the weight test I filled it up with 40lbs of weight, actually it was two 20lb dumbells I had sitting in the house. During the day I carried those two dumbells within the Sac Daddy around town with me as I ran errands. In and out of the car, flopping at my side. The canvas held well, and there was no visible strain on the stitching that held it all together. This is definitely a durable satchel.

The bag passes the looks test. So far this week I’ve gotten several compliments on the bag saying it looks really nice and people wanting to know where I got it from. Hopefully those folks have checked out and joined the those privileged enough to carry such an elite satchel. It looks clean, and handmade which adds a nice rustic touch to the bag.

The bag had a really efficient design inside for someone who needs to stay organized, there’s several pockets within as well as a flat one on the back for a notepad or something slim. The main compartment easily holds a 15” laptop with a good bit of room so you’re not squeezing it in and tugging hard on the zipper to get it to close.

For someone that likes to take work home with them, a student, or a writer this bag is definitely for you. Personally I’ve been using it like a woman uses her purse and just throwing whatever I need with me for the day in it. A combination of Magic the Gathering cards, snacks, water bottles, and other assorted items. The front flap comes down with a small notch to close with the leather strap if you are stuffing it fuller than the zipper can shut anway. If you need to cram a bunch of stuff in there, the Sac Daddy still has you covered.

The price tag for the Sac Daddy sits at $229 on NutSac’s website. At first I thought that tag to be a little high, it’s just a satchel right? After using the bag for a week I believe that number to be justified. The materials they use are high quality, feel tough, and look great. This isn’t the same quality bag you would pick up at Target, it’s made for the kind of person that likes to put a little more money into an item for something they know will last.

NutSac also has a variety of of other sized bags to fit whatever carrying needs you may have, definitely check their website out. If any of the other reasons haven’t gotten you to look, I can tell you the founder Matt David is an exceptionally nice guy and was a pleasure to speak with. Everything is American made, so you’re supporting American small business rather than something cranked out in a couple minutes from a Chinese sweatshop.

The bag is absolutely excellent and I couldn’t be happier with it, well almost couldn’t be happier with it. I’m looking to get the Buck Naked logo tailored on to really rep the Sac Daddy correctly. Take a peek at the Sac Daddy at

Thanks for reading, signed, The Sacdaddy.

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