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Golden Oldie - Paper Mario

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

If you have read any of my prior reviews then you know that I love RPGs. A lot of my love for RPGs stemmed from the first games of my childhood. Paper Mario is one of those games. It's an absolutely timeless masterpiece that still holds up to this day. It's a game filled with fun turn-based combat, witty jokes, and a story you know you can get immersed in.

The story is easy to follow, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks in any way. Mario must save Peach from Bowser once again. Bowser has stolen an artifact called the Star Rod from the Star Spirits. This rod gives him the ability to fulfill any wish he has. This makes Bowser unbeatable from the start. Mario must free captured star spirits to gain their blessing and new powers to fight Bowser. Every Star Spirit is guarded by a strong and unique boss. Every boss has its own territory in which Mario must traverse. Finding new friends along the way Mario moves through the world to free the star spirits.

My entire playthrough was enchanting, and I’m not talking about when I was six. I recently went through and replayed the whole thing. Even as an adult I still love it. It’s quality like Paper Mario that has gained lifelong fans for Nintendo.

Paper Mario’s combat is turn based, but not boring. Through the game you get different “badges” which allow you to have new moves. Different combinations of enemies require different strategies to get past, and your whole posse of followers allows you to have interesting move combinations. With the badges, followers, star powers, and items, Paper Mario has a very intuitive combat system that makes even repetitive fights feel fun.

The bosses are unique and interesting. Each one has his own territory with unique goons, art, and story to go along with them. One of the most creative ones in the game is The Invincible Tubba Blubba. If you haven’t played Paper Mario I don’t want to spoil the surprise as to why he’s invincible but I will say that he’s one of the most memorable bosses in the entire game.

Paper Mario’s art style is wonderful. It’s done in a way that even though the game came out seventeen years ago it still holds up today. The backgrounds, the characters, the animations are visually appealing and you never feel like you are really playing a game that is almost 18 years old.

If the previous reasons haven’t got you interested in Paper Mario yet the dialogue will. The entire game is filled with interesting and witty dialogue from your enemies, random townsfolk, and your companions. Talking to miscellaneous toads around Toad Town can be a fantastic experience. There’s so many little things they’ll mention that make the experience even better.

If you haven’t played Paper Mario yet I strongly urge you to. It’s a fantastic game by a fantastic game company that gives and gives and gives. The combat, the story, and the art are all fantastic. Not to mention that it’s an amazing experience to try and voice act all the lines in the game. I can’t recommend this game enough, and that’s why it’s a definitive Golden Oldie!

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