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Warframe - Strip Tease

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Space ninjas with guns is the way many people describe Warframe to those who’ve never played. And in all truth, it’s fairly accurate. Produced by Digital Extremes, Warframe is a fast paced, third person, co-op, action shooter at it’s heart. You play as a Tenno Warframe.

With your Warframe you can go on missions with up to 3 friends to do a variety of things against several factions. By doing missions you can unlock new Warframes, mods, weapons, and companions (pets). With a plethora of weapons, Warframes, and mods to choose from you can customize your load-out to suit whatever play-style you enjoy. Hack and slash, shooter, stealth, all are available to you with the proper load-out.

I don’t feel I have played this game enough to really give it a full Stripped review but I have played for about 90 hours. There is quite a bit to this game, and for a free game it’s been one of my favorites. Because I don’t want to give it a Stripped, we’ll call this review a Tease. Let’s get to it.


In Warframe combat is fast paced, action packed, and fun. The movement in this game is exceptionally fluid. The character models move well with the terrain when sliding and jumping around the map. Gunplay is rewarded with obvious headshots and critical hits being exclaimed. Most Warframes abilities mesh well with the fast paced jumping, sliding, and gunplay mechanics.

All in all I have lots of praise for Warframes combat. It’s fluid, it’s fun, it’s varied. The combat keeps you entertained while you are focusing on getting those new Warframes or completing quests. With all the different kind of weapons ranging from bows, to shotguns, to rifles, to flamethrowers, to throwing stars, to hammers, to pistols, there is no doubt going to be a weapon you enjoy using. And in my opinion with the combination of the fluid movement, combat is a joy.

The Story

When first starting you are immediately thrown into the action as a lone Tenno (the race of people who control Warframes) getting hunted by grotesque Grineer (race of *evil* clones). Very little is explained for a long time in the game leaving the player quite confused as to what's going on, who he is, why he’s fighting all these people. A lot of that is explained later, but unfortunately is a lot later.

Warframe has a good story and I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t played but the game doesn’t do a good job of giving you some exposition immediately, you have to truck on through to get to it. For new players who care about story this is a definite drawback, but if you keep with it you can see a fairly interesting world and plot going on.


Warframe currently has 33 Warframes you can play with many of them having Prime variations (stronger and different looking versions but essentially the same Warframe). With all the Warframes, a huge selection of weapons and mods, Warframe can produce incredibly complex combinations that suit whatever your preferences are.

Almost everything has appearance personalization as well. You can spend a little platinum (the money bought with real life currency, or you trade for it) and get color palettes to have your Warframe match your personal design preferences. Weapons, Warframes, and even some of your pets are customizable to whatever color scheme you want.

The Market

Warframe is a free to play game. There are things you can buy with Platinum (the in-game currency bought with real life money), but just by playing the game and trading with other players you can acquire it yourself for free.

Maroo’s Bazaar is where players can meet up to trade Mods, and parts to build Warframes. If you don’t have as much time to grind as some players you can buy the Platinum currency to trade other players for the parts you don’t have time to grind for. Or if you have lots of time to play you can sell your hard earned items for the platinum others will pay for. It’s a marketplace that works out fairly well for both parties.


Warframes level system is based on your account. By maxing out the levels on your weapons, Warframes, and companions your total level (Mastery) goes up. When you have maxed out enough things you are able to increase your Mastery rank. Higher Mastery ranks allow you to use stronger weapons and mods.

The Mastery system gives you a fairly nice incentive to keep trying new things and getting them to max level so you can try out more and stronger things. Although after a while it does take quite a bit of maxing to get your mastery rank really up there.


Unfortunately Warframe does have a major drawback in my opinion. It doesn’t have a real tutorial. It shows you how to jump, shoot, and slide, but after that it throws you to the wolves. As a new player you’ll find yourself using the Wiki to learn things all the time. As a new player I found myself asking people questions all the time about what things are, what they do, how do I get this. It is a serious problem that is stopping new players from really pushing forward into the awesome game that Warframe is.

In a nice light because of this lack of tutorial information the community has stepped up. Warframe’s Wiki is incredibly detailed, and most of the player-base is really informative. I’ve taken to going to newbie levels myself and offering to answer questions new players might have to help some people get past that steep learning curve. If you’re unsure of what to do next, just try asking. Chances are someone will help guide you.


All in all I think Warframe is a fantastic game. It’s fast, fun, complex, and full of awesome players. If you can make it past the steep learning curve and really get into the meat of the game you will have a great time. There’s Clans you can join to enjoy the game with friends, plenty of customization, a plethora of Warframes to play, an interesting story, and fantastic combat. I’ve played Warframe for a little over 90 hours still and am nowhere near close to bored with it.

I recommend this game to all people looking for a stress free game to have fun with friends. Buck Naked Gaming gives Warframe a solid 7/10 in this Strip Tease review.

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