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C.O.T.W.B.P.A.C.O.T.M. - Fish, The Rimworld Nudist

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

This weeks Character of the Week, But Probably Also Character of the Month is Fish!

Fish lives a tough life. He’s a nudist gun-toting, animal-lovin, drug using, retarded social butterfly. Fish crash-landed on a hostile Rimworld along with two other survivors. Both which resent him; For being nude, or retarded we do not know. We do know he’s forced to do the menial labor that the other settlers refuse to do.

Fish loves to talk to his crash-mates as he’s a naturally social guy, but they both hate him. Thus his only solace is talking to trade caravans that come by every few months, and playing horseshoes… alone.

Because Fish is the only non-pacifist settler, he gets tasked with defending the encampment from raids. He totes a bolt action rifle and prays he can land a shot before being assaulted with a shoddy mace. He aims for legs and arms to merely wound, that way while he captures a prisoner he’ll have someone to talk to. Maybe eventually they’ll be his friend. Unfortunately, Fish is so good as shooting, he has headshot every raider to this day. A burden not easy to bear as he bury’s potential friends.

The only reason Fish has not gone crazy or killed himself yet is that his Daddy long ago taught him to have very low expectations. That, and he really appreciates free-ballin.


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