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Character of The Week - Sub-Zero

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Sub-Zero has had us screaming at our screens since the early 90’s. This classic character has been in every main Mortal Kombat game to date. Sub-Zero is one of the most iconic video game characters out there and a favorite to a whole hell of a lot of players out there.

Bi-Han (Sub-Zero) is a ninja of the Lin Kuei and the man who killed Scorpion when he was just a human. In the original story and in several other iterations Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) is killed by Scorpion in his spectre ninja form. After death Bi-Han becomes the cheese-meister of MK9, Noob Saibot.

After Sub-Zero is killed his brother, Kuai Liang takes his place and name to honor him. Kuai is then hunted by the Lin Kuei because they are turning them into cyber assassins. Unfortunately he is caught and turned. Kuai, we will remember your good intentions.

Sub-Zero used to be on of the most infuriating enemies to fight in Mortal Kombat due to his iconic ice-ball and ice clone. As a kid, and even an adult I’ve spent a lot of time trying to best this chilling enemy on hard difficulties. Mortal Kombat and Sub-Zero specifically has had serious cultural significance. And as Hal from Malcolm In The Middle would say…

Fighting game fans everywhere know Sub-Zero, love or hate him. He has a huge place in fighting game history next to Ryu from Street Fighter and Yoshimitsu from Tekken. That’s why he’s Buck Naked Gaming’s character of the week.

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