Golden Oldie - Paper Mario

If you have read any of my prior reviews then you know that I love RPGs. A lot of my love for RPGs stemmed from the first games of my childhood. Paper Mario is one of those games. It's an absolutely timeless masterpiece that still holds up to this day. It's a game filled with fun turn-based combat, witty jokes, and a story you know you can get immersed in. The story is easy to follow, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks in any way. Mario must save Peach from Bowser once again

Golden Oldie - Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins made its first appearance on shelves 9 years ago on November 3rd 2009. This dark, gritty, tactical RPG has a warm place in many fantasy lovers hearts. The game was acclaimed for its interesting lore, varied (yet story intertwined) character starts, exceptional party banter, and fantastical setting. DAO allows the player to choose from six different starts with three different races: dwarf noble, dwarf commoner, Dalish Elf, city elf, human noble, and Circle