C.O.T.W.T.F.I.B.S.T.L.C.O.T - Morrigan

This installment of our “Character of the” (This time it's "Character Of The Whatever Time Frame It's Been Since The Last Character Of The") series is on Morrigan of the Dragon Age series! Morrigan is an all time favorite character of quite a few Dragon Age players. She’s witty, condescending, pragmatic, sexy, and just an all around interesting character. As a daughter of Flemeth she’s a fairly strong mage with a default focus in control. Morrigan because of her pragmatic per

Golden Oldie - Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins made its first appearance on shelves 9 years ago on November 3rd 2009. This dark, gritty, tactical RPG has a warm place in many fantasy lovers hearts. The game was acclaimed for its interesting lore, varied (yet story intertwined) character starts, exceptional party banter, and fantastical setting. DAO allows the player to choose from six different starts with three different races: dwarf noble, dwarf commoner, Dalish Elf, city elf, human noble, and Circle