Trevor Phillips - Character Of The

This weeks iteration of “Character Of The” is everybody's favorite meth head, Trevor Phillips! This zany psychopath has murdered, sweet talked, and bullied his way into our hearts. Some could say Trevor is unstable, crazy, and even a true psychopath, but that doesn’t mean we love him any less. Trevor is one of the best parts of GTA5’s story, and I thank Rockstar for him every playthrough. #CharacteroftheWeek

C.O.T.W.T.F.I.B.S.T.L.C.O.T - Morrigan

This installment of our “Character of the” (This time it's "Character Of The Whatever Time Frame It's Been Since The Last Character Of The") series is on Morrigan of the Dragon Age series! Morrigan is an all time favorite character of quite a few Dragon Age players. She’s witty, condescending, pragmatic, sexy, and just an all around interesting character. As a daughter of Flemeth she’s a fairly strong mage with a default focus in control. Morrigan because of her pragmatic per

Character of the Last Six Months - Emi Ibarazaki

Our Character of the Week and also of the Last Six Months is Emi Ibarazaki from Katawa Shoujo. The most common first route of this 4chan created Visual Novel is this green eyed, no legged little doe. Most of us saw Emi and laughed when she first came into the game, a girl with no legs who’s crazy about running: fantastic irony! But as we get to know her, we start to unveil a broken individual who’s had to deal with intense emotional and physical trauma from an exceptional ear

C.O.T.W.B.P.A.C.O.T.M. - Fish, The Rimworld Nudist

This weeks Character of the Week, But Probably Also Character of the Month is Fish! Fish lives a tough life. He’s a nudist gun-toting, animal-lovin, drug using, retarded social butterfly. Fish crash-landed on a hostile Rimworld along with two other survivors. Both which resent him; For being nude, or retarded we do not know. We do know he’s forced to do the menial labor that the other settlers refuse to do. Fish loves to talk to his crash-mates as he’s a naturally social guy,

Character of the Week - Jak

Jak is the main protagonist of the Jak and Daxter series. From a silent meek boy to the angry and weapon loaded man Jak has torn through precursor ruins, bustling city, and the desert wasteland alike. Sarcastic and badass Jak has been a favorite character of gamers through the early 2000’s. In Jak and Daxter, Jak was our loveable silent protagonist who faithfully gathered Precursor relics with the aid of his faithful buddy Daxter. In the next few games Jak turns into a danger

Character of The Week - Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero has had us screaming at our screens since the early 90’s. This classic character has been in every main Mortal Kombat game to date. Sub-Zero is one of the most iconic video game characters out there and a favorite to a whole hell of a lot of players out there. Bi-Han (Sub-Zero) is a ninja of the Lin Kuei and the man who killed Scorpion when he was just a human. In the original story and in several other iterations Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) is killed by Scorpion in his spectr

Character of the Week - Loghain Mac Tir

Loghain Mac Tir is Buck Naked’s Character of the Week! Loghain is the main antagonist of Dragon Age: Origins. The player first sees Loghain

Character of the Week - Zoltan Chivay

In preparation of our Stripped review on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, our character of the week is Zoltan Chivay. Zoltan is Geralt's best D