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Trevor Phillips - Character Of The

This weeks iteration of “Character Of The” is everybody's favorite meth head, Trevor Phillips! This zany psychopath has murdered, sweet...

C.O.T.W.T.F.I.B.S.T.L.C.O.T - Morrigan

This installment of our “Character of the” (This time it's "Character Of The Whatever Time Frame It's Been Since The Last Character Of...

Character of the Week - Jak

Jak is the main protagonist of the Jak and Daxter series. From a silent meek boy to the angry and weapon loaded man Jak has torn through...

Character of The Week - Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero has had us screaming at our screens since the early 90’s. This classic character has been in every main Mortal Kombat game to...

Character of the Week - Loghain Mac Tir

Loghain Mac Tir is Buck Naked’s Character of the Week! Loghain is the main antagonist of Dragon Age: Origins. The player first sees Loghain

Character of the Week - Zoltan Chivay

In preparation of our Stripped review on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, our character of the week is Zoltan Chivay. Zoltan is Geralt's best D

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